Success Stories

Success Stories

A chrysalis is the cocoon of a butterfly. One of the definitions is- “A stage of development where something or someone is still protected.” We see our homes as a protective covering for women in great need of healing and hope.  Most of the women we serve are coming out of incarceration, abuse and addiction and they need safety, structure, support and accountability. They need a second chance and a new beginning. We now have three homes housing the women on our 6 to 18 month recovery program where change is taking place, families are re-united and beautiful confident women are emerging.  Transformation happens every day. Butterflies are created. Here are some of their stories:



When I was 22 I had my daughter Sadie, and stopped drinking with friends on weekends, but replaced it with drinking at home. I was trying to balance working full time, being a mother, and my alcohol use. At first, I thought I had it under control, but it wasn’t long before it was obvious, who was in control. At my lowest point, I put my daughter’s life in danger, by driving under the influence with her in the car. I knew then, I could never drink again. I needed help! I spent 6 months in jail where I began to heal, reconnect to God, and I found Chrysalis. I began working on me. I’ve taken classes, sought the forgiveness and support of my family, and I’ve learned that it’s okay to love myself, and allow myself to be happy. It’s what God desires for me. I have been sober for two years and have goals for my future. I have strong relationships with my family, and I am making lasting memories with my daughter. Thanks to Chrysalis, my coach, and most especially my family, I‘m walking into a bright future.





During my teenage years I started hanging out with the wrong crowd, drinking, partying, and smoking pot. By age 17 I was pregnant with my son. Two years later, struggling to be a single mom, I was introduced to Meth. My life started spiraling out of control, I felt hopeless, alone, and I was afraid I was going to die from my addiction. But losing everything, including my son didn’t stop me, I will never forget the day God stepped into my life. I was arrested for felony burglary. Now two years later, at age 24, I’m clean and sober. When I look in the mirror today I see a strong, motivated mother. Being at Chrysalis has taught me that through God I can do anything. My relationship with God is my #1 priority. I have my own home, and will be attending college in the future. I’m living proof that God can heal the broken, I am a miracle! Thank you Chrysalis, for teaching me how to make wise choices, to pray and to trust in God.




I grew up in a broken home where drugs and alcohol played a major role. I started experimenting when I was in 7th grade. By the time I was 18, I was addicted to meth and alcohol. I tried several times to turn my life around, but my addiction always came first. When I was introduced to heroin, I had no idea the impact it would have on every aspect of my life. Within three years I lost track of all responsibility and everything I had. It wasn’t until I came to Chrysalis that I really had an opportunity to change my life. Because of God, I’ve been free of drugs and alcohol for over two years and tobacco for one. God has blessed me by restoring relationships with my family. Today I am happy, healthy, and have many reasons to be grateful. Knowing that God has control of my life now and that He has plans for my future gives me hope that I won’t ever go back to the life I used to live.





I’ve been a believer in Jesus Christ most of my adult life, but I had never surrendered to God.  It took an extreme deception and a huge mistake to wake me up to face the truth: that surrender is the only way He can use me and mold me into His vessel of honor.  In 2008 I not only broke a custody order involving my 7 year old son, but I left the country with him.  I was charged with parental kidnapping and went to jail. For the last 18 months, Chrysalis has provided a tremendous base of support in my journey to re-establish my relationship with God, to receive inner healing, and to work towards seeing my son again, who is now 11.  It was fear and co-dependency that caused me to make some very poor choices, but today with God’s help my life is being restored.  I have a job that I love, a new home, and soon I will be starting my own business.  I give God all the glory and I thank Him for Chrysalis—a ministry that helps women to change their lives.  Mine has certainly changed tremendously!





I was introduced to marijuana and alcohol at the age of 15. Partying on the weekends quickly turned into an intense heroin use as well as a deep addiction to meth and any other drug I could get my hands on. By the age of 18 I was using every day.   I had a God size hole in my heart. After 7 years of my addiction. I was completely lost and alone. I now have two beautiful years of sobriety free from all mind altering substances and six months no nicotine. Since being at Chrysalis I have had full restoration of my relationships with my family. I know that God has a great plan for me and I will follow his path every day of my life. I am employed full time, I have a great support system, and I am a House Assistant for Chrysalis. God truly had to break me down in order to use me in His Kingdom.  I am living for Jesus, growing in my relationship and learning every day. Thank you Jesus!