Story Of The Month

Story of the Month

When I arrived at Chrysalis I was an empty shell. Despite rehab and 12 step programs, I could not stop drinking. I had acknowledged my addiction to alcohol, but could not accept my brokenness. I was so independent and determined to do life myself. It took losing everything I had worked for to reach out and accept help. Chrysalis provided a healing environment. I could not grasp the concept of Grace, mercy and forgiveness. I carried so much shame and guilt for all of my poor choices. I couldn’t believe my life was worth salvaging. I had no more do-overs left in me. Jesus disagreed and told me he never gives up, and to trust him. I put my hand in his and submitted my will to him. I got the ultimate makeover from the King of do-overs. I still get tired of the struggle to let go of control. Then I surrender to his will, and find peace. I hold onto his promise of Jeremiah 29:11. He knows the plans he has for me and there is hope and purpose for my life.  Thank you ABBA. I am yours!


Loralie is a House Assistant at one of our homes and is working at her dream job as the Activities Director in an assisted living facility.